Country girls come to town - by team Mee (Khmu)

  Scene 1 - In the village shop
  When Bouachan comes to open her shop in the morning, she finds her younger brother, Nock asleep at the table. He drank Lao whisky all night with his friends. Bouachan tries to wake him up so they can tidy up and open the shop, but Nock does not respond.
Their father hears Bouachan shouting and comes in to see why. When she shows him the sleeping Nock, her father shakes his son awake and makes him agree to help sister to put things in the shop in order. Then the father goes to look after his cows in the garden.
A stranger enters the shop. Bouachan asks him what he would like to buy. He inquires about prices of goods but he doesn’t seem interested in buying them. He comes very close to Bouachan as he is asking and she feels annoyed, so she goes outside to make it clear that she doesn’t approve. Now only Nock and the stranger are alone in the shop. The stranger reveals that he is a drug dealer, offers Nock some amphetamines, suggesting that they would give him energy. Nock says he doesn’t have any money. The dealer says that Nock can pay him in 2 weeks time, when he has the money together and leaves him with a bag of tablets.
Bouachan’s friends, Noi and Dockeo, who are now working in a night club in town, arrive in the village for a visit. They boast to Bouachan about their urban lifestyle and show her their gold necklaces, expensive watches and mobile phones and tell her she could find better paid work if she came to work in their restaurant in town. Bouachan asks her father for permission to go to town to buy some things for the shop. Father allows her to go if her younger brother goes with her.
  Scene 2 - At a night club in town
  Noi and Dockeo are putting on make up and waiting for customers. The dealer comes in to use the service. He drinks and dances with the girls. Nock also arrives, it is his first time in such a club. He looks around, he doesn’t know what to do until the girls invite him for a drink. The dealer recognizes him and comes over to ask for the money that Nock promised to pay him two weeks ago. When Nock tells him he doesn’t have any money, the dealer hits him and Nock falls to the floor, out cold. The girls applaud the dealer for his strength and continue to drink and dance.
Bouachan enters the night club, thinking it is a restaurant and looks around quite surprised at how dark it is. Her friends, Noi and Dockeo, see her standing at the door, they offer her a seat and cold drink. She recognizes the dealer, who offers her a glass of beer, but she refuses to take it. The dealer starts to slow dance with Noi. Bouachan looks at them with surprise as no one dances that way in the village. When Noi goes round the side of the club to the guest house, Bouachan asks Dockeo what is going on. Dockeo makes light of it and tells her it is often expected of them as bar girls. Bouachan is quite shocked and doesn’t know what to think.
Nock who is slowly regaining consciousness, groans. His sister sees for the first time in the darkness that someone is lying on the floor, goes over to help him and discovers it is her brother lying there.
Then she is angry, she tells Dockeo bluntly that they should take better care of their guests.
Bouachan helps her brother up and takes him home.
  Scene 3 - Back in the village

A brother and sister are walking in the rain past the sweet shop and see The father is waiting for his kids in the shop. Bouachan and Nock arrive. The father asks about their trip in town. Bouachan tells him everything that happened with in town and is worried about his son, who still has a black eye. He reasons gently with him and tells him to take better care of himself and his sister. Nock is surprised and glad, that his father isn’t shouting at him. He feels sorry enough for himself already as his face and ribs hurt.

Noi comes to Bouachan’s shop again with full of tears. She hasn’t felt well for quite some time, and she suspect that she has AIDS from unprotected sexual intercourse with customers. Bouachan’s father advises Noi to have a blood test. Bouachan accompanies Noi to the district hospital.

The father and Nock work together in the field. The father is trying to help his son to make a new start and to keep away from drugs.

The team sing a song and dance together...