Advice or assistance is welcome!

Making theatre is a dynamic learning process. If you have any experiences, advice or suggestions you would like to share with us, please don’t hesitate make contact.

At present the theatre teams don’t have their own office or phone in their villages, so the people to contact are the advisors currently assisting the teams with technical and administrative matters, who will pass all information and inquiries directly on the theatre teams and pass the teams response on to you. Hopefully, the teams will soon have the facilities to run the project by themselves.

  Contact persons

Thai mobile:  
Lao mobile:
Rachel Clarke
DED Theatre Advisor

084 211 499
01950 1003
020 568 4662
Mr Somphone
Lao Media Advisor (IP)

084 211 499

020 578 3040
  (The code for Bokeo office numbers from outside Laos is: 00856 84...)

Rachel Clarke, grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and studied theatre directing at the Ernst Busch Theatre Academy in Berlin. Her theatre work was influenced in work placements with the socially motivated artistic innovators Augusto Boal, from the CTO Rio, Brasil, the director and teacher who invented the Forum and Legislative Theatre, and Peter Schmann, the creative mind behind the Bread and Puppet Theatre, Vermont, USA. In Germany, she has trained and supported adult and youth projects in creating theatre based on their own experiences. In her work for international organisations such as Bread for the World, she has made a contribution to awareness raising efforts on the need to create a more just globalisation.

Mr Somphone Phomsavath, was born in Vientiane as the eldest of a family of 13 children. He graduated from Trnava University in the former Czechoslovakia, with a degree in engineering. He has worked for the international donor organisations: MSF, ACF, the GTZ and the European Union, working in the construction of clean water systems, as a translator and as a logistic manager. He is a fluent English speaker. He is currently employed by the IP consultancy as media advisor in the Bokeo component of the RDMA program and provides technical and administrative support for the theatre teams.